Trendy and Popular Indian wedding decoration for reception hall

Famous Indian Wedding Décor Materials

Indian wedding decoration for reception hall is somehow similar to other wedding ceremonies. They use bright and vibrant colored decoration that will fill the reception hall. You really don’t need to spend a lot of dollars for wedding decoration; the main key here is being innovative and idealistic.

Indian WeddingThe rich culture of India reflects on their wedding decoration, something that other culture doesn’t have. If you are going to decorate the reception all by yourself, it is crucial to know the basic components of Indian wedding. In this case, you will have an authentic Indian wedding decoration for reception hall for your wedding and for your decoration, check this out

Flowers are one of the most popular and important decoration for Indian weddings. They are placed in the mandap or the wedding stage. They are also the ones used as Jai Mala garland for the couple and visitors. They can be matched with different fabrics and ribbons to add glamour and elegance. Flowers are also being used as decoration for the hair. Depending on the type of Hindu wedding, some part of India use chains of Jasmine to cover the groom’s face.

Other important Indian wedding decorations for reception hallare the candles and lanterns aside from music and wedding DJ. They are usually used to illuminate the wedding reception and add romantic ambiance, and balance the natural color of the reception hall. This lanterns and candles are perfect for evening wedding ceremony.

Fabrics are also popular as wedding decoration in India. They are placed in mandap and other areas of reception hall. This multi-colored fabrics are draped together in order to create a visual drama to the reception hall. Always use vibrant color fabrics for the wedding. Find out more about wedding venues.

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