Top Wedding Planners in Houston, TX You Should Consider for Consultation Only

Consulting a Wedding Planner

Do you want to have a wedding celebration according to your personal ideas and concepts? You can actually do that through DIY wedding planning. On the other hand, 75% of weddings planned through DIY do not succeed just like how the couples, or the bride, visualized it to be. For this reason, experts suggest for couples to get wedding planners in Houston, TX and inquire even just for consultation.

wedding plannerIt is quite expensive to hire a wedding planner who will do everything for you like hiring wedding DJ, so the consultation services of the planner can be an ideal option. Here are some of the planners you can contact for wedding planning consultation.

Pomp & Circumstance Events

The team of wedding planners from Pomp & Circumstance can certainly take the stress away, but of course they are also happy to help you if you just need some consultation. Make sure to meet the owner and the wedding event goddess of Pomp & Circumstance, Christina, who will give you the answers you need to make your wedding celebration more organized and well-planned.

Belle of The Ball

Here is another wedding planners Houston TX you should visit for consultation services. Your questions regarding the right colors, concepts and decorations to use for your wedding can certainly be answered. Of course, it will be in accordance to your personal taste and lifestyle. The wedding planning team from Belle of The Ball wants to make sure your wedding will be tailored according to your specific needs, without compromising the overall look of your wedding.

En Vogue Events

If you already have a good idea of what you want, but want to make sure it is possible to happen, get someone to back you up. Another wedding planner team available for consultation only is En Vogue Events.  They understand that some couples just need some guidance to make their wedding a big success. So a complimentary meeting with the wedding planners in Houston, TX won’t.

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