Tips When Booking In Clearwater, FL For Hotel Wedding Venues

Booking a Hotel for a Wedding

Are you looking for the perfect place to celebrate your wedding? There are plenty to find around Florida, so it is quite a challenge to pick which to book. One of the popular venues for weddings is in a hotel. You will find hundreds of hotels in the state of Florida and some are located in the city of Clearwater. The process of booking a hotel for a wedding is not easy, but it is not difficult to score a great deal. There is no question to your interest in this matter. Large number of online articles cover this subject. Yet, there is only a small list of sources which quality material on this subject. Go to for updated quality content on this subject.

A small or a big wedding is welcome in any hotel. Most hotels nowadays offer wedding packages to cater the different requirements of every wedding couple. The typical packages for a wedding come with the use of the hotel’s banquet hall or ballroom, table and chairs and food. Costs for packages vary from one hotel to another. Most hotels offer customized wedding packages. The rate could increase or decrease depending on the couple’s choice of inclusions. What could you do to possibly grab a great deal at a hotel wedding venue?

First, find out the services provided by the hotels you are eyeing. Many hotels have conference venues and halls for rent. However, some of these hotels only rent out their rooms and ballrooms but do not offer services ideal for weddings. Booking a hotel for weddings is convenient because they have almost everything that the celebration needs. If there isn’t any, it would be troublesome for you to search for wedding vendors on your own.

Second, compare wedding packages as many times as possible. Do not stick to one hotel alone when searching for wedding packages. Look at the different offers from other hotels and you might find packages that are within your budget and cater amenities that you need.

Third, when you have guests traveling from two cities or states away, try asking for a room block and if they have discounted rates. Room blocking allows you to book five or more rooms on the same floor so it will be easy for the guests to find one another. It is not necessary to make a prepayment but some hotels require for advance payment or a deposit.

Fourth, make sure there is a venue coordinator. It is your wedding day. Whilst you want everything to happen according to your plans, some things could go wrong. However, the site coordinator can help in ensuring the execution of all your plans will be smooth. They can connect with your wedding vendors and interfere on your behalf if anything arises.

Lastly, be flexible with your wedding date. You will surely find a great deal for your hotel wedding venue when you look at the time of the year, week and day to tie the knot. There are high and off seasons for weddings, but getting married on weekdays and in the morning is often cheaper compared to weekends and night events.

These tips also apply to other hotels outside Clearwater, FL. Wedding venues shouldn’t be as glamorous as what you find in magazines or TV, especially if you do not have the budget to rent one. However, you could still make the venue posh even at the most affordable rate.