Tips by JoeyTphotography for summer wedding pictures in Houston TX

Shoot like a Pro with these Tips

Summer is one of the most popular seasons for pre-wedding photography because of its fine weather that any other season doesn’t permit. JoeyTphotography for summer wedding pictures in Houston, TX is one of the most in demands during this season aside from wedding DJ.

Here are some of the great tips to achieve amazing shoots just like JoeyTphotography for summer wedding pictures in Houston, TX:

To ensure a romantic photo even during daytime, always use the natural backlight. To achieve such amazing shoots, you need to make sure that the couple is standing in front of camera while the sun is in their back. This is also ideal so that you prevent any texture from accentuating on their face. You can use reflector so that there will be enough light that will illuminate the faces of the couple. It is also important to use proper exposure. Therefore, it is advisable to use the manual settings so that you can easily increase or decrease the exposure.

During summer, the light is very harsh. In this case, it is very crucial to use Scrim or diffuser. Affordable diffuser and scrim can still give you great results in wedding photography.

Shoot above and use wide lenses that will cover a huge part of the area. Shooting above will give you a great shoot that will show a great view of the location. Wide lenses is also ideal to give you the best wedding photos just like what JoeyTphotography for summer wedding pictures in Houston, TX is doing. Some photographers uses micro drone for Aerial Wedding Photographer.

Since summer is hot you can always do the photo shoot during night time. Summer offers great colors of the surrounding even in the night. This is also ideal time for such photography because the night during this season is not as cold as the other seasons. Exclusive info here about photographers.

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