Tips for Brides on Designing Their Own Wedding Dress

Bridal Tips on Customised Wedding Gown

weddingTruth be told: all brides dream of wearing the wedding dress that is made only for them. That is why there are many who look forward to having a custom-made bridal dress. For this, there are many factors that must be considered is creating the perfect design.

  1. Consider your body type/shape – This should be one of your priorities. In fact, it does not matter how simple your wedding dress is. It could go just as a plain white fabric without too much embellishments. But as long as it perfectly fits your body type, then you will look classy and elegant. When it comes to wedding dresses, the “less is more” rule is actually applied. What matters is that it highlights your best body features and cover the parts you are not too proud to show off of.
  2. Staying on or out of your comfort zone – This all depends on you. You can be more daring by creating a wedding dress design that is so unusual for you to wear or you can stick to what is within your closet. What you need is that it feels comfortable in your skin and that you can definitely wear it from the start to the end of your wedding day.
  3. Create a design that is appropriate to your venue and concept – Your wedding venue and style are also big factors that can limit your wedding dress design ideas. If you are planning to have a summer wedding in a beach resort, then you will have to go for a wedding dress made with lighter material.
  4. You should know what fits your budget too – Not only how perfect the design for your body and your style, you also have to go for a one that fits your budget. What is good with customised wedding dresses is that it is easy for you to make adjustments in order to stick to how much you can only afford.
  5. Look around and do a research – This is your homework that needs to be done. Apart from the type of wedding dress you have envisioned, doing a bit of research will help you even more. Take time to look online and to visit bridal shops.
  6. Hire your trusted seamstress – If you have finally created the perfect wedding dress design, what’s left is to hire someone who will turn it to a reality. Hire someone that you can trust and who put your requirements as the priority.

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