Preparing for Wedding in the Woods Wedding Venues in Austin, TX

Planning an Outdoor Wedding Celebration

Every bride has their own dream wedding. Some want to have the ceremony in a huge chapel while some want to incorporate their wedding with nature. One of the uncommon and probably the most magical wedding ceremony is being held in the woods while hiring a DJ for a romantic music. This is ideal for those couples who want to have a fairy-like wedding celebration.

Planning and organizing a wedding that will take place in the woods wedding venues in Austin, TX will surely make your wedding day unique and very memorable. Exchanging vow underneath a tree is very romantic. Remember the movie Twilight Saga were Edward and Bella had their wedding ceremony in the woods? Such set up is amazing and very lovely.

Ceremony that follows reception in the woods will give your guests the chance to enjoy the natural beauty of the nature. You don’t need to spend a lot of dollars for the decoration because nature is beautiful in itself. The natural backdrop which is the woods is romantic and magical. The only downside in the woods wedding venues in Austin, TX is that you need to exert extra effort for setting up of chairs and tables for the guests.

When choosing a wedding hall in the woods, make sure to choose a location that has huge space for the tables and chairs, unless if you are planning to have intimate wedding but still space is a must especially if the ceremony and reception venue is in the same location. You can create a small and simple stage for exchanging of vows. You don’t need to have huge arches and canopy for this, as what this article suggested the natural beauty of the woods is a perfect decoration for the venue.

When you decided to pick the woods as your wedding venue, make sure to incorporate everything for the wedding including the invitation, favors, decoration and a lot more. Avoid using plastics and make your wedding as green as possible. Recycled papers are perfect for wedding invitation. Choose those papers with fibers and pulps to make it more environmental.

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