A List of Affordable Wedding Venue Decorations in Houston TX

Cheap/Modern Decors Fused in Venues

Modern wedding venue decorations in Houston TX cover a huge part of the budget. The flowers would cost 10% of the overall wedding budget that could buy a wedding dress or expensive shoes. These wedding decorations sadly, are not used after the wedding and they are disposed. They may play a big role in putting life in the wedding venue aside from the wedding DJ but for couples who are having a low budget wedding, it is quite difficult to spend much on flowers, fabric and lights.

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At the present time, modern wedding venue decorations in Houston TX use different styles making space for affordable wedding decorations to have its place. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor wedding venue, this list will help you make and use a lot of ideas as you save money.


Candles are the most inexpensive decorations that will make your setting more romantic. There are different candle shapes that could be easily used as pathways for the guests and as centerpiece. It is one great alternative for expensive lights and colored bulbs. The candles will illuminate the surroundings and start a great mood for the wedding celebration. Some candles are placed on clear glass or paper lanterns.

Twigs, Shrubs and Weeds

For outdoor weddings, do not worry yourself putting too much expensive flowers. The rustic theme is very popular nowadays and these shrubs, twigs and weed are the best to use in order to have unique place for wedding in Houston. You can find these decorations on your own backyard or on the venue itself, all you have to do is to spray some color or leave it as beautiful as it is and make it a centerpiece.


Balloons could be an alternative for expensive flowers and backdrop. Metallic colored balloons are used with fabric and other types of cloth not only to prevent it from popping but also to add to the beauty of the surroundings.

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