The Latest Wedding Trend – Homemade Pork Pie in Houston, TX

Not Your Ordinary Wedding Pie

pies1Probably when you hear the word pie the first thing that comes to your mind is sweet and fruity dessert. But this is not the case with pork pie. In recent years this type of food is becoming popular and serve at the reception as wedding pie in Houston, TX. Though there is no exact explanation where this food originate but this food become the comfort food of western people. This type of pie is not an alternative to tradition wedding cake because this is being serve before as one of the main dish.

Wedding pies in Houston, TX has been around for quite sometimes but they were neglected by many couples because of the innovation of wedding desserts. Its major come back in 2016 surprises everyone because the pie that they used to enjoy is no longer sweet but something that can fill a hungry stomach. It was predicted by many wedding planners that pies will become trend in 2016. Unlike the regular pies, pork pies can be serve in different occasion because pork are available all year round.

Pork pies are not common so if you want to have this in your wedding you need to cook it or order it from your wedding caterer. Basically the recipe for this type of pie is now available online. The only thing that you can do is to alter its ingredients so that it will fit your taste. If this is the case it is recommended to try cooking couple of times before the wedding this way you will be able to master the recipe. You don’t need to stick with the original ingredients especially if you want to add element of surprise. On the other hand you should follow how to cook the pie in this case the filling and the crust will be cooked evenly.

Just like any wedding pies in Houston, TX you can always have it in bite size. The only problem here is how you will cook it since the original recipe is for huge pan. Again, the only thing that you can do is practice. This will make your pork pies perfect.

Also if you are planning to cook a pork pie you should use fresh ingredients simply because if the pork is no longer fresh there is a peculiar smell and taste that may affect the quality of the pie. It is recommended to buy the meat at your trusted butcher.

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