How to Spice Up Your Wedding Catering in NYC, NY?

Tips to Making Your Catering the Best

Wedding CateringThere’s so much more to wedding food than chicken and potatoes. There are so many menus out there that will complete your wedding day. You can let yourself find some exotic food to add to your unique wedding event. The wedding catering in NYC, NY will be one of the most important parts of your big day that you need to pay attention to. From bubble bars to soup shooters, spice up your reception with one of these unique ideas.

Popsicle Cocktails

There’s nothing more refreshing on a hot day than an ice cold popsicles. Now imagine the gourmet version, with flavors like lavender and orange crème. Sound delicious? Ask your caterer to try an adults-only version for the cocktail hour with your favorite liqueur for a frozen signature drink. This is a perfect treat for couples who are getting married on summer days. It will also be great for outdoor wedding themes.

Make-Your-Own Food Bars

For a more casual affair, let your guests be the chef. Guacamole is always a crowd pleaser. Give guests the option to customize their guacamole with extras like avocado, cucumber and lime will be a hit. This is a fun kind of reception that you can offer your guests. They can just get and make their own food with different ingredients on the table.

Classy Carnival Food

This means you are going to have candy, cracker jacks, funnel cakes and anything else you might find at the carnival – all dressed up on the display end. Complete the carnival theme with a popcorn bar for a late night snack and a fresh hot funnel cake cart. This is the best tasting food that you can include in your wedding day. They mostly use food trucks with this kind of wedding catering.

Coffee Desserts

Keep your guests caffeinated and out on the dance floor with coffee-infused desserts. Order espresso-spiked brownies or even Starbucks-inspired coffee dessert drinks like Frappuccinos piled high with homemade whipped cream. Include a few decaf options too, like chocolate milk shake shots or even flavored frothed milk. This is totally a fun idea to have for your big event.

Chef Stations

Instead of the expected passed hors d’oeuvres, ask your caterer about a more hands-on option. A few fun ideas: have a raw bar with a chef shucking oysters, rolling sushi, or even grilling fresh ingredients in front of everyone. Think of it as your other-other bar! You will surely love the freshly cooked food that these chefs will offer you. So make sure that you include in your wedding reception list.

Donut Bars

Guess what? You can still have a “cake cutting” even if you’re slicing through a stack of donuts. Serve up retro classics like cream and jelly filled varieties, plus new treats, like white chocolate and almond or coconut and mango donuts. This is totally a yummy treat that you can serve to your guests. Everybody will surely love this type of wedding catering in NYC, NY!

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