How to Make the Most of Your Engagement Photo Shoot?

Tips in Making the Best Proposal Photos Ever

He popped the question, and you said, “Yes!” And so begins the giddy, rollercoaster ride of planning a wedding. There will be countless decisions to be made, and some stressful times ahead as well. That is why it is so important to do something fun together as a couple. The days of the stilted, overly posed engagement session are long gone, and the options for showcasing your style and personalities are limitless. Before you book your photography appointment, consider these tips on getting the most out of your engagement photo shoot.

All About WeddingChoose the Right Setting

Being photographed with the one you love in a relaxed setting will dispel any pre-wedding photo jitters. Why not consider your home for the shoot? You will be surrounded by all of the things that you love. Or perhaps a stroll around your neighborhood with a stop at your favorite café is more your style?  Locations with interesting backdrops such as museums, zoos, historical landmarks, etc., make for interesting photos, and will help you avoid clichés. Once you and your photographer have decided on the perfect location, he or she will suggest the ideal time of day to make use of the best light. By shooting midweek, you’ll have fewer crowds around and less chance of having unwanted people in your background.

Incorporate Your Interests

Why not focus on activities you enjoy as a couple? If you are into cycling, a bike ride on a vintage Schwinn will not only be more meaningful to you, but in the right hands will yield photographs that are timeless and artful.  If your beloved pet won’t be allowed at your reception, include him in your photo session. To ensure that your pet enjoys the shoot as well, have his favorite treats and toys at the ready. If your pet is shy, schedule a little extra time for your photographer to come by and just be in the room with him. Dogs especially can become nervous when long lenses are pointed at them, but if they have a chance to acclimate to this new person and the camera equipment, they will relax and add so much to the photographs.

Get a Feel for Your Photographer

The engagement shoot is also the perfect opportunity for you to get to know your photographer better and vice versa. Some couples can be a little apprehensive about having their pictures taken by a professional. It will also give your photographer a chance to explore your best angles, and the more he knows you, the more invested he will be in capturing every wonderful moment on your wedding day.

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