The Houston Wedding Cheesecakes Origins You Never Knew

All About Cheesecakes

Who don’t love wedding cheesecakes in Houston, TX? In recent years cheesecakes become perfect substitute to traditional wedding cake. It is something that is very familiar to everyone therefore it is not hard to serve it to any type of guest. Probably every American love to have cheesecake for dessert but do you has any ideas how this sumptuous dessert started?

cheesecakeDon’t you know that the popular wedding cheesecakes in Houston, TX are actually originated in ancient Greece in the form of ordinary cheesecake? Based on the study of some historians and archeologist cheesecakes are very popular in Samos island. They found a cheesecake mold that is dated back to 2,000 B.C. which means that even during that ancient time cheesecakes are being enjoyed by everyone. This dessert is said to be 4,000 years old! Pretty amazing, right? According to the archeologists, ancient cheesecakes are not as creamy dessert as modern wedding cheesecakes in Houston, TX. You don’t believe that cheesecakes are commonly serves as energy food to athletes. It is also being served to athletes that will be joining the Olympic game. Therefore this dessert is not really a dessert before.

Unlike modern wedding cheesecakes in Houston, TX the ancient cheesecakes are simply made from wheat flour, honey, and cheese. The cheese was pounded until it was smooth. Once, smooth it will mix with flour and honey then bake it in a traditional stone oven.

Apart from Greeks the Romans too have their own version of cheesecakes. During the time that Romans conquered the Greece they put some twist to the cheesecake to suit their taste buds. Unlike Greeks, the cheese that was used in Roman cheesecake was crushed instead of pounding it and added few eggs to the cheese mixture. Romans serve this in special occasion or parties. This time the cheesecake is softer and presentable. They call it libuma.

After all these Roman and Greek story the cheesecake becomes popular in Europe. It is the Romans who brought this dessert to this continent where locals enjoyed it a lot and later on reinvented to make it more delicious and delectable. Some local bakers started to incorporate it with other fruits like berries to add fruity taste to the saltiness of the cheese. In western culture they add fruit jam instead of fresh one. Also in modern time cream cheese is being used to make it creamier and smoother.

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