Helpful Inquiries to Your NYC, NY Based Wedding Planners

Helpful Questions for Wedding Planners

Yes, you will sooner walk the aisle, but are you really prepared? Most couples ended up being so stressed with their wedding than having a good time. It is because they have no executed a good game plan for the rest of the planning stage.

Wedding PlannerIf you are to ask previous couples, they are more than happy to share of the good things that transpired due to the help of professional wedding planners in NYC, NY. If you are setting high expectation from your wedding yet you know you aren’t capable, get a planner.

To gauge the planner more, it is essential to schedule for an interview. As a customer, you need to prepare for the questions, of course. Here are some of the things that you can ask them:

(1) Have you experienced working in different types of venues for wedding?

Not all wedding planners are working on different venues. If the planner is used to working on hotel venues then he or she might be a bad consideration for an outdoor or a destination venue. As much as possible, you need to know how familiar the planner is with the reception venue. This is to maximize the potential of the venue if the wedding planner is familiar.

Have you planned numerous weddings before? How much is the budget range you are comfortable with?

These questions may sound so direct but there is a need for you to figure out if the planner is really capable. You cannot work with a planner that has decided to be in the business a few months ago. You need someone who has been in the business for a while—someone who has planned more than a hundred grand weddings. You need to be honest with the actual cost or budget you are allotting for the wedding so they will know how to estimate things.

Who are your favorite vendors to work with?

Networking is very important in the field of wedding planning. As much as possible, you need to see who and how many contacts the planner has. The whole wedding preparation will not possible without the help of other vendors too like wedding DJ, florist, caterers, cake makers and many more. The vendors the planner will recommend should sync with what you have in mind. Working with long standing business partners will also give you more savings since most of the items are discounted.

Can I see your list of clients?

If the planner has good performance, there is nothing to hide. However, there are some planners who may hide something from their past—like bad performance or so. By talking to its previous clients, you will know how well or skilled the planner really is.   

Your wedding planners don’t need to be A-list wedding planners in NYC, NY. For as long as the planner has decent reviews from the previous customers, you are good to go. After all, what’s more important is how you deal with them during the process. Book a planner ahead so you’ll enjoy professional assistance early on.