Get the Best Customized Groom Cake for the Reception

Wedding Reception’s Customized Groom Cake

wedding cakeDo you love the idea of having two cakes in a wedding reception? If yes then the other cake should be decided by the groom. This is the reason why that piece of dessert is called groom cake. Unlike the traditional wedding cake, the one selected by the groom is the opposite of feminine. Groom’s cake is usually rich in terms of flavor which is an exact reflection of the groom’s personality and preference.

If you are looking for a groom’s cake inspiration, here are the best patterns that you can make use:

Beer cooler

This is more than props since you can actually wrap your beer cooler with a 3D cake. To accessorize the cooler, you can put your favorite beverages. This cake is awesome since it is winner in terms of design plus it is fused with clinching functionality.

Groom’s cake related to career

Have you considered getting a groom’s cake that is related to your career? One example if a very inspirational groom’s cake is patterned from an ambulance. If your job is related to rescue and medical emergencies, you can go with 3D cakes patterned from ambulance, stethoscope and etc.

Football stadium

If you want to channel athletic spirit in you then you can go with cakes patterned from your favorite football stadium or landmark. To make the cake more interesting, ask the baker to customize the people in the stands. You can make use of miniature human candies, and etc.


If you love sorts yet you don’t want to follow a stadium inspired groom’s cake, you can choose to have cakes patterned from other sports like hockey, basketball, golf, tennis and etc. There are so many inanimate objects that you can choose; you only need to use your imagination.

Record player

If you want to touch something vintage and artsy, then you can go with old record player. This kind of concept is usually missed since most grooms go with sporty themes. This old fashioned player is also perfect if you have penchant with vinyl and music. Show off your favorite player whenever you have the opportunity.

Golf caddy

The sports related groom’s cake theme will not be completed without golf caddy on the list. This cake is quite attractive for the cake because of its green grass frosting and clubs made of fondant. This replica of a luxurious sport will indeed showcase the groom’s style.

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