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Loose Diamonds Repair

loose diamonds for weddingHow often do you wear your wedding jewelries, like your diamond engagement ring, wedding ring or necklace? If you do every day, it is no surprise that the diamonds loose in their settings. From being worn every day, you hardly noticed that these diamonds snagged, bumped or have accidentally dropped it on hard surfaces. These are the reasons why the diamonds moved or loosen from their settings.

If you have purchased separately these loose diamonds for wedding in San Diego, CA, you need to make sure that the jewelry designer you hire can have it mounted carefully and securely in place. For the diamond jewelries customized just a year or few months ago and already loosen up, you need to see another jewelry designer to have it fixed.

Have the prong settings of the jewelry tightened as soon as possible. Tightening the prongs can only be done fast and simple by a professional jewelry maker. Depending on the store’s availability, it could take some days to be completed or during the day while you wait. You will be provided of a quote, but fixing a loose diamond is reasonably priced. 

You need to see a reputable jeweler to have the loose diamond repaired. An untrained and unskilled “jeweler” can either chip or damage the jewelry and the stones while fixing it. The professional jeweler can surely get the loose diamond back on its place and give your jewelry its original beauty. Click here to find out more.

Before you visit a jewelry store, check with your insurance policy whether personal insurance or homeowner’s insurance if they cover repair cost for loose or missing diamonds. This can definitely save you some extra dollars for the repair.

To prevent loose diamonds, bring your diamond jewelries to your jewelry frequently. It is recommended to have the prongs or settings of the diamond jewelries checked every six months. This is necessary for those who regularly wear their diamond jewelries, as it is exposed to different elements, they get worn down.

Make sure to weigh your decisions when shopping for loose diamonds for wedding in San Diego, CA or any pieces of diamond jewelries. These stones can slightly loose or detach in time. Then don’t forget to invite your family and friend, you can make your proposal extra special by hiring a music DJ.

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