Differentiating Between Good and Bad Wedding Photographers in Washington, DC

Difference of Good and Bad Photographers

Telling the difference between a good and bad provider when it comes to bridal photography could be a challenge for most couples as they have no enough experience. The first reason why most couples could not directly tell the difference is that most of wedding photographers in Washington, DC put their best photos online.

Wedding PhotoAs a smart customer, you need to bear in mind that all the photos displayed on the provider’s site are the good ones. Photographers are also humans so they also commit mistakes. Out of a thousand photos they take, there are some that may be classified as below average.  

In order to determine the good ones from the bad ones, you need to know some trick. The first thing to ask is “how many real weddings you have covered?” Shooting inside the studio is always different when taking photos inside the wedding venue especially during the time when the wedding DJ play music, almost all subjects are moving. Most studio photos are perfect because the background has been set up ahead of time. On the other hand, the scene in a wedding venue is so dynamic due to the presence of a lot of people.

As much as possible, you should get a photographer who is constantly training in order to develop his or her craft. Great photos are usually taken by individuals who constantly want to challenge themselves. If you judge a photographer, do not base entirely on his or her online portfolio. You need to request of his entire portfolio. Visit his or her office/shop to see the compiled photos personally.

When scanning through the works of wedding photographers in Washington, DC, do not be surprised if you see some mediocre photos. It is just natural because they too aren’t perfect. Base your judgment on the entire observation that you have concluded after seeing the collection of portfolios.

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