Desserts in Houston, Texas You Can Serve in Your Reception Other Than Cakes and Wedding Cupcakes

Great Alternatives for Cakes and Wedding Cupcakes for Desserts

When you are attending a wedding ceremony and party, you would usually think of wedding cakes or wedding cupcakes in Houston, Texas as the desserts that you’ll be eating during the reception. The idea that guests will be eating the same desserts over and over again during weddings has led many wedding desserts experts to innovate and think of other-than-cake ideas that guests will surely love.

So if you’re planning to serve your guests with desserts that are neither cakes or cupcakes, consider these trending wedding dessert ideas for your own wedding reception.


Option 1: Waffle Sundaes

Who doesn’t love breakfast goodies? Serve your guests with waffle, which is something that can be eaten at any time of the day- and top it with ice cream. Consider offering your guests with several ice cream flavors and toppings that would appeal to their taste buds.  

Option 2: Doughnuts

Everybody just love doughnuts! Whether it is glazed or frosted, your guests will surely love these sweet treats. Consider ordering the freshest and yummiest doughnuts selection from your favorite bakeshop or doughnut house and share them to everyone at your reception. To make these treats more appealing, display them on tiers or hang them on doughnut walls.

Option 3: Pies on stick

Anything that is eaten on a stick is something that almost everybody loves to enjoy and share with their friends. With this in mind, consider offering your guests with pies of all different flavors and of bite-sized to allow your guests to try more than one option. Apple pies, banana cream, and tuna pie are all time favorites by most people.

Option 4: Parfaits

Who would not want a dessert made up of a layer of ice cream, fruits, and yogurt? Not only parfaits are delicious, they are also health and gluten-free options for your guests. To make it more fun, consider preparing bowls of fruits and other ingredients for the parfait and encourage your guests to create their own version of berry parfaits.

Option 5: Cake Pops

If you still want to have a kind of cake or wedding cupcakes in Houston, Texas in your wedding desserts, why not offer your guests with tiers of cake pops. Arrange cake pops in a beautifully decorated tier and add all different types of toppers beside them to allow your guests to create their favorite cake pops flavors. You may also place your initials on cake pops to create a more customised dessert,

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