Catering to your Wedding in Washington DC

Surprise Your Guests with a Tapas Reception

wedding cateringAre you looking for a wedding catering service in Washington DC that is unique? Why not try a tapas Reception. At a cocktail or tapas reception, there isn’t any “complete meal”. Instead you get servers that go around the room offering trays of hors d’oeuvres to guests who are standing and mingling with one another. This kind of reception is great for a cocktail style party which has a shorter duration than a regular full reception. Here are some things to think about when you think of a tapas wedding catering from Washington DC.

This option works best for a late afternoon or early evening reception. You need to serve six different appetizers for a two-hour long reception and at least nine for a four hour party. To add more to the trays being passed around at the reception so your guests won’t feel neglected if the waiters are far away from them, you can add an additional table with fruits, cheese, crackers, smoked meats, dips and bread. These will go well with the wine they are drinking, if you are serving wine as well.

Whatever you choose to serve, you need to make sure that it is something that your guests can pick up with their fingers or toothpicks. You can also place toothpicks on the food so your guests won’t have to bother carrying around a piece of toothpick. Also you need to conveniently place trash bins around the reception for them to throw their toothpicks away. Or small bowls on the serving trays of the waiters so your guests can toss their toothpicks in them. Whatever food you choose though make sure it’s not something overly sauced or messy as this might cause some inconvenience to your guests. To make your wedding more lively, you can hire a wedding DJ to perform during the meal.

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