How to Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Luxury Transportation in New Orleans, LA?

Tips in Getting the Best Luxury Car for Your Wedding Day

luxury1Aside from wedding DJ and photographer you also need to have transportation. If your wedding and reception are in the same venue you may argue that you don’t really need wedding luxury transportation in New Orleans, LA, but it forms part of the wedding dream – the perfect chauffeur driven car, whether it is vintage or modern – to drive you to your wedding. It has been always a part of the wedding event to have the best ride for the arrival of the bride. It will surely complete the whole wedding planning that you have set up. It will not be easy looking for the right transportation for your upcoming big event but, you need to get the one you are comfortable with. The choice of luxury car is endless, and below are some top tips for getting the most from your wedding luxury car.


Check out the options on line. There are so many sites online that can help you look for the most incredible types of luxury car that you can get for your wedding day. This is one best option that you can do so that your search will be way easier than you imagine. Look at photos on the company’s web site before arranging to see the car. Make sure you see the actual car – not just a photo of it. Some companies act as agents for other companies’ cars, and while there is nothing wrong with this, you need to know where the buck stops. Find out if there is a backup plan. Cars do, unfortunately, occasionally breakdown. Check that the company is correctly insured. While it is perhaps not appropriate to ask to see insurance documents, a brief email confirming this point if it isn’t already on the company’s documentation will suffice if there is a problem later.


Feel uncomfortable about asking exactly what a particular car looks like – you are not expected to know your Armstrongs from your Bentleys. Expect to be taken for a ride when you go to see the car; how the car feels is largely irrelevant. Wedding car companies can’t hire their cars out for proms, birthdays, parties etc, unless they are licensed with the local council – the same as a Taxi. Any vehicle , whether it is a car, tractor or fire engine, must be licensed if they are to be used for public hire, along with an operator’s license, and drivers must also be licensed with the council. This is how you need to know what kind of wedding luxury transportation in New Orleans, LA would be appropriate for your wedding day. So make sure that you should well in order to have the best wedding event that you have ever wanted in your whole life.

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Helpful Inquiries to Your NYC, NY Based Wedding Planners

Helpful Questions for Wedding Planners

Yes, you will sooner walk the aisle, but are you really prepared? Most couples ended up being so stressed with their wedding than having a good time. It is because they have no executed a good game plan for the rest of the planning stage.

Wedding PlannerIf you are to ask previous couples, they are more than happy to share of the good things that transpired due to the help of professional wedding planners in NYC, NY. If you are setting high expectation from your wedding yet you know you aren’t capable, get a planner.

To gauge the planner more, it is essential to schedule for an interview. As a customer, you need to prepare for the questions, of course. Here are some of the things that you can ask them:

(1) Have you experienced working in different types of venues for wedding?

Not all wedding planners are working on different venues. If the planner is used to working on hotel venues then he or she might be a bad consideration for an outdoor or a destination venue. As much as possible, you need to know how familiar the planner is with the reception venue. This is to maximize the potential of the venue if the wedding planner is familiar.

Have you planned numerous weddings before? How much is the budget range you are comfortable with?

These questions may sound so direct but there is a need for you to figure out if the planner is really capable. You cannot work with a planner that has decided to be in the business a few months ago. You need someone who has been in the business for a while—someone who has planned more than a hundred grand weddings. You need to be honest with the actual cost or budget you are allotting for the wedding so they will know how to estimate things.

Who are your favorite vendors to work with?

Networking is very important in the field of wedding planning. As much as possible, you need to see who and how many contacts the planner has. The whole wedding preparation will not possible without the help of other vendors too like wedding DJ, florist, caterers, cake makers and many more. The vendors the planner will recommend should sync with what you have in mind. Working with long standing business partners will also give you more savings since most of the items are discounted.

Can I see your list of clients?

If the planner has good performance, there is nothing to hide. However, there are some planners who may hide something from their past—like bad performance or so. By talking to its previous clients, you will know how well or skilled the planner really is.   

Your wedding planners don’t need to be A-list wedding planners in NYC, NY. For as long as the planner has decent reviews from the previous customers, you are good to go. After all, what’s more important is how you deal with them during the process. Book a planner ahead so you’ll enjoy professional assistance early on.


Setting the Tone for Your Houston, TX Newborn Photography

Deciding for the Details of Newborn Photography

Are you excited to see the photos of your baby wrapped and laid in a basket full of flowers? For sure, you have so many ideas on how to photograph your baby. However, not all couples are really creative when it comes to this matter. Sometimes, they past the 2-week mark yet they were not able to take cute photos of their baby yet.

If you are planning to hire newborn photography in Houston, TX, here are some of the tips that will surely help you a lot, click to find out more.

Setting the scene. When taking photos of the baby, it is important that the environment is comfortable and clean. According to experts, a two-week old baby is easy to manage for as long as you know his or her habits. In the morning, the baby is more willing to be photographed. Babies are also more tolerant to camera shots after they are fed. Moreover, they are really easy to handle when placed in a warm comfortable room. However, a baby that is irritable will make things difficult for you. As much as possible, do advance preparations like putting blankets, diapers, clothing and many more.

Knowing the purpose of baby photos. The parameter of the photos will be based on the purpose of the parents. Most of the time, there are two reasons why babies are being photographed—(1) announcements and (2) documentation. If the photos will be used for announcement, it is important to go for a parameter that has a blank canvas. The blank canvas will serve as the area for texts. If the purpose is for documentation, there is no need for blank space or canvas.  

Give focus on the baby. Most photographers are using black cloth as the background of the shoot. This will give focus to the baby. However, each photographer has his or her favorite background color so you need to check ahead. Your background does not need to be really black. There are cases wherein you can lace cute stuff in the background, but not too much of course.

Give highlight to the details. Since this is a simplified type of shoot, you can always binge on the small details related to the baby. Have you seen a photo emphasizing on baby toe? There are so many ideas that you can use out there. Consult your newborn photography expert ahead for more ideas.

There are many types of photographers, but what you need is someone who is specialized in newborn photography in Houston, TX. Before you sign the agreement, make sure that the individual you are talking to has legit work and portfolio.

Pixel Studio Productions
2403 Sunset Blvd,
Houston, TX 77005
(832) 767-1543

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How to Thoroughly Assess Houston, TX Bride’s Family Photography Provider

Family Photography Thorough Assessment

Since it is your wedding, you should expect that there are many people close to you life will also be involved especially in photography. Some couples are scheduling bride’s family photography in Houston, TX. However, this kind of service is usually challenging to arrange because you are dealing with a group.

If you are to interview professional photographers, they prefer working with an individual rather than shooting a whole bunch of family as the subject. However, there are some experts who are specialized in family wedding photography. In order to help you select the best provider, here are the key elements you should focus on:

10Style and image quality. Since you are dealing with visual aesthetics, it is important that the photos of the photographer are appealing. In order to determine the image quality, there is the need to always see and check the photographer’s portfolio. The portfolio will tell how well the family photos are composed. Photo composition is an important component of family photography. Each photographer has a style so you need to look for the style that you are comfortable with, check here

Photographer’s personality. In this niche of wedding photography, you are putting your trust on the photographer. Not all photographers are really successful in dealing with this kind of style. As much as possible, the photographer should have a personality that charms all family members in order to pose for a good family portrait. Most of all, the family members—especially the kinds—should be comfortable when the photographer is around.

Cost and value for money. Although this should not be the basis of making a decision, it is important that the photographer also offers a good deal. When you say a good deal, it means good quality output in an affordable cost. The last thing you want is you are being charged of too costly service plus hidden fees. When getting the cost, do not deal with a provider that offers too cheap service because the deal might be too good to be true. In short, you should avoid being scammed. Get price quotes ahead of time so you can study the deal. This is also applicable when choosing wedding DJ.

Photographer’s experience. It is imperative that when you are hiring this type of service you should also credit the individual’s experience. You are aiming for a photography output that is at par with award winning photographers so you should pick individuals who are also seasoned. Five to ten years of bridal photography experience is already good.  

Arranging for bride’s family photography in Houston, TX can be quite daunting, but if the session is done right the result can be really amazing. If you want to attain good results, make sure to work with photographers who are well seasoned in this type of genre or style.

Pixel Studio Productions
2403 Sunset Blvd,
Houston, TX 77005
(832) 767-1543

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Essential Information to Hire Excellent Houston, TX Engagement Photographers

Important Tips for Engagement Photographer Hire

Your big day will only be held in one day, so if you are planning to hire engagement photographers in Houston, TX, hire the best. You cannot afford to receive poorly shot photos. As much as possible, the process of the selection should undergo thorough process just like hiring wedding DJ. The wedding day is the most photographed day of your life, so make sure that the photos are excellent and properly composed because you have invested cash for the service,


When looking for engagement photographers, there are some things that you need to bear in mind. Here they are in no particular order:

(1) Start the search for the photographer immediately

If you will be tying the knot during the peak wedding season then there is the need to secure the service ahead. Chances are high that other couples are also competing to book a photographer. If you want to secure the service ahead, you need to be early as well. You will have difficulty securing a good photographer if you are late.

(2) Make use of your network

They say that reputable photographers are the easiest to find since many people are recommending them. However, not all common recommendations are best for you. There are times wherein you have special photography needs. In order to be directed to the right photographer, make sure to tap in your network of family members and friends. References from the closest people to your life are usually proven to be legit.

(3) Simplify options

If there is a trick in order to quickly hire this type of service, it is to simplify your option. There are cases wherein the couple has more than ten photographer options. As much as possible, the options should only be five then narrowed down to three until you’ll have one. If the photos taken by a certain photographer is beautiful yet does not appeal to you emotionally, skip it. Go for the ones that connect with your inner feelings.

(4) Gauging professionalism and personality

In the world of amateur and professional photographers, there are still who have poor working ethics. The last thing you should experience is worrying because the photographer arrived late. As much as possible, the photographer should have excellent attitude towards work. Most of all, he or she should be fun to work with.

If most of the photos of the preferred candidate are more on emotions, fun and happenings then he or she might be the one. Finding an individual among the long list of engagement photographers in Houston, TX is really difficult. To know more about your photographer, schedule an interview to gauge his or her personality.

Pixel Studio Productions
2403 Sunset Blvd,
Houston, TX 77005
(832) 767-1543

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Things That You Need To Know About Engagement Rings in Nashville, TN

Facts about Engagement Rings in Nashville, TN

Choosing an engagement ring is one of the biggest decisions that you will make in your lifetime. This also means that you are ready to take another step and share your life with the person that you love. Before you purchase engagement rings in Nashville, TN, you need to consider some factors first. This will help you in choosing the right kind of ring that your girlfriend will love.

Wedding RingThe following are some of the things that you need to know about engagement rings in Nashville, TN.

The most well-known diamond shape is the round cut. It shows off the diamond depending on the kind of shank that you choose.

Buying diamond ring online will allow you to save between 20-25% on your budget rather than purchasing a ring on your local jewelry store to find reputable jewelers. There are a lot of online jewelry stores that you can opt for when you are purchasing a ring.

You can opt to purchase engagement rings that are also used as wedding bands. You can still be able to have a separate ring band but some designs incorporate to this.

The white gold or platinum is the most common metal that is used for engagement rings. On the other hand, palladium is also being used due to the high rise in a cost for the two metals.

There are a lot of engagement rings in Nashville, TN that are designed and manufactured. You can choose from a wide array of designs that looks stunning. You can also choose to customize the look of your ring to make it more unique.

You can choose from a wide array of materials that are available. You can also choose from various gems. By shining an ultraviolet light on a real diamond, it will glow in a few seconds. This is an ideal way for you to find out if the diamond is real or not. When you propose to your loved one  don’t forget to play your favorite music with your wedding DJ.

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How to Make the Most of Your Engagement Photo Shoot?

Tips in Making the Best Proposal Photos Ever

He popped the question, and you said, “Yes!” And so begins the giddy, rollercoaster ride of planning a wedding. There will be countless decisions to be made, and some stressful times ahead as well. That is why it is so important to do something fun together as a couple. The days of the stilted, overly posed engagement session are long gone, and the options for showcasing your style and personalities are limitless. Before you book your photography appointment, consider these tips on getting the most out of your engagement photo shoot.

All About WeddingChoose the Right Setting

Being photographed with the one you love in a relaxed setting will dispel any pre-wedding photo jitters. Why not consider your home for the shoot? You will be surrounded by all of the things that you love. Or perhaps a stroll around your neighborhood with a stop at your favorite café is more your style?  Locations with interesting backdrops such as museums, zoos, historical landmarks, etc., make for interesting photos, and will help you avoid clichés. Once you and your photographer have decided on the perfect location, he or she will suggest the ideal time of day to make use of the best light. By shooting midweek, you’ll have fewer crowds around and less chance of having unwanted people in your background.

Incorporate Your Interests

Why not focus on activities you enjoy as a couple? If you are into cycling, a bike ride on a vintage Schwinn will not only be more meaningful to you, but in the right hands will yield photographs that are timeless and artful.  If your beloved pet won’t be allowed at your reception, include him in your photo session. To ensure that your pet enjoys the shoot as well, have his favorite treats and toys at the ready. If your pet is shy, schedule a little extra time for your photographer to come by and just be in the room with him. Dogs especially can become nervous when long lenses are pointed at them, but if they have a chance to acclimate to this new person and the camera equipment, they will relax and add so much to the photographs.

Get a Feel for Your Photographer

The engagement shoot is also the perfect opportunity for you to get to know your photographer better and vice versa. Some couples can be a little apprehensive about having their pictures taken by a professional. It will also give your photographer a chance to explore your best angles, and the more he knows you, the more invested he will be in capturing every wonderful moment on your wedding day.

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Discovering Fees from Certain Venues That Can Affect Your Wedding Costs

Different Instances You Should Account For When Renting

There are many different wedding venues that you can choose from, but there are many different factors that can make them standout. Here are some tips on asking the right questions to book the right wedding venue.

weddingAre there any results for not satisfying the food and drink minimum?

In the event that you’ve settled on a money bar, those buys may go toward that base.

Do you permit liquor and open flares?

Numerous historical centers have confinements about the sorts of liquor that can be gotten. Red wine may be a no-no, as power blenders with genuine recoloring potential. Likewise get some information about having candles. Blazes are not generally an appreciated component in spots containing storied workmanship.

Will there be a facilitated bar, a money bar, or a two’s blend?

This is an individual choice that you and your life partner ought to make in view of your financial plan, not one that ought to be directed to you. The best answer you can seek after is that there will be a blend.

Who is in charge of setting up and tearing down the stylistic theme, and when will it be finished?

Regardless of where your wedding is, see whether you have to enlist an additional individual to deal with developing and deconstructing the wedding set. Destinations will regularly cover this segment of the project for an expense. In the event that your wedding is in a lawn, offer to pay the flower vendor and the caterer additional to assist.

Will you reserve a range for stopping?

In all probability there will be a parking garage, yet there may additionally be an additional charge for it. Moreover, a few organizations oblige you to utilize a valet administration, which can be a robust cost, in light of the fact that you need to pay and tip the specialists (about $40 to $60 per orderly).

What’s the corkage charge on the off chance that I bring my own particular wine?

Supplying the wine-regardless of where your wedding is-could spare you cash, contingent upon the corkage charge. Standard charges, which change from city to city, may keep running from $8 to $20 a container. Indeed, even at the higher end, be that as it may, this still may end up being all the more a deal than utilizing the site’s wine determination, which is by and large sold at a triple discount.

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Tips for Brides on Designing Their Own Wedding Dress

Bridal Tips on Customised Wedding Gown

weddingTruth be told: all brides dream of wearing the wedding dress that is made only for them. That is why there are many who look forward to having a custom-made bridal dress. For this, there are many factors that must be considered is creating the perfect design.

  1. Consider your body type/shape – This should be one of your priorities. In fact, it does not matter how simple your wedding dress is. It could go just as a plain white fabric without too much embellishments. But as long as it perfectly fits your body type, then you will look classy and elegant. When it comes to wedding dresses, the “less is more” rule is actually applied. What matters is that it highlights your best body features and cover the parts you are not too proud to show off of.
  2. Staying on or out of your comfort zone – This all depends on you. You can be more daring by creating a wedding dress design that is so unusual for you to wear or you can stick to what is within your closet. What you need is that it feels comfortable in your skin and that you can definitely wear it from the start to the end of your wedding day.
  3. Create a design that is appropriate to your venue and concept – Your wedding venue and style are also big factors that can limit your wedding dress design ideas. If you are planning to have a summer wedding in a beach resort, then you will have to go for a wedding dress made with lighter material.
  4. You should know what fits your budget too – Not only how perfect the design for your body and your style, you also have to go for a one that fits your budget. What is good with customised wedding dresses is that it is easy for you to make adjustments in order to stick to how much you can only afford.
  5. Look around and do a research – This is your homework that needs to be done. Apart from the type of wedding dress you have envisioned, doing a bit of research will help you even more. Take time to look online and to visit bridal shops.
  6. Hire your trusted seamstress – If you have finally created the perfect wedding dress design, what’s left is to hire someone who will turn it to a reality. Hire someone that you can trust and who put your requirements as the priority.

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