4 Excellent Choices of Bridal Venues in Tulsa, OK for a Summer Wedding

Amazing Places to Have a Summer Wedding

One of the major decisions that every bride and groom has to make pertains to their wedding venues in Tulsa, OK. Choosing a venue that is according to the season of the year can help you narrow down your choices.

wedding venueIf you’ve decided to tie the knot during the summer, here are suggestions for your venues.

Dairy Farm

Since summer is characterized by warm sunny mornings and cool evenings, why not get married in a dairy farm? This places offers a space to accommodate as many invites you like and at a very low per-head rate during the reception. Moreover, the natural panoramic setting of the farm needs no great effort to decorate.

Grand Estate

If you want to have a classic and royal setting for your wedding but still want to enjoy the atmosphere of the season, tie the knot in one of the grand estates in Tulsa. The royal interior of these houses and their high walls naturally provide a perfect backdrop for elegant photos. In addition, a grand estate can be a perfect place to experiment with other themes such as bohemian, contemporary, and tropical weddings.

A Yacht

If you want to have a full-blast romantic wedding, there’s no other place than say your “I do’s” on a yacht. The cool breeze blowing the bride’s hair, and smell of the sea breeze, and the setting or rising sun on the horizon are perfect natural details that are extremely romantic. Plus the romantic music that is being played by the wedding DJ.

Manor House

If you don’t want to leave the suburb but want a summer wedding venue in Tulsa, OK, consider exchanging your vows inside a manor house in the middle of the city. A manor is just a perfect place to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city without leaving it totally.

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