Observing the Do’s and Don’ts of Your Houston, TX Wedding and Engagement Rings

Engagement Ring Do’s and Don’ts

Just like any other wedding element the food, venue, wedding DJ and a lot more you always need to take into consideration on how to take care of your ring. like When purchasing your wedding and engagement rings in Houston, TX, it is like entering into a lifelong bond of agreement and relationship as well. In fact, rings are symbols of eternity, so they should be handled with care.

Engagement RingAccording to experts, in order for your engagement ring to last for a long time, they should be cleaned, repaired and given value. Here are some of the top advice that you can incorporate to make your ring survive:

When you are doing extreme activity, make sure that you take off your ring. There are certain type of rings that are not made to survive abrasions. The last thing that should worry you is getting a lot of scratches on the ring. Always take them off when your hands are busy.

If you hate taking off your ring because it makes you feel unmarried, please make sure that you choose simple wedding bands made of platinum or palladium. These types of bands are anti-scratches, so they can basically survive the daily wear and tear.

One of the most common reasons why some couples are losing their ring is due to careless safekeeping. Please assign a single location where you should place your ring. As much as possible, try to get a jewelry box. When you are washing the dishes, there should be a ring holder. You can also place ring holder in your bedroom, bathroom, shower room and so on.

Another mistake that most couples regret when they have lost their rings is not getting insurance or appraisal. Insurance for jewelry will basically cover the cost of the ring once proven that it is indeed missing.

During your engagement shoot, please make sure to take photos of it. Your photos could be used as an evidence when you are claiming for the insurance.

If you need more advice when it comes to the care of your wedding and engagement rings in Houston, TX, please visit your local jewelers. They are more than willing to assist you.

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Ways to Have Wedding Ring Sizing in Houston, TX at Jewelry Stores

Tips for Ring Sizing

Planning for wedding it is not just about food, venue, DJ or photography. You should also need to prepare for the jewelry. Whether your ring is made of platinum, silver or gold, you can do a ring sizing for it. This type of repair service could be availed in most of wedding jewelry stores in Houston, TX. Sometimes, this service is free especially if it is included at your after-sale service during the purchase of the ring.

Jewelry StoreThere is a gamut of ring sizing services that you can avail. Of course, the sizing will rely on the ring’s features; please remember that not all wedding and engagement rings are the same. Basically, sizing is done to a piece of metal by simply adding or subtracting from its bottom in order to alter its size. You can opt to compress or stretch the wedding band if it does not have main stones or paved stones.

To make the ring smaller, the jeweler will be subtracting a portion of the metal. Usually, it is done at the bottom part so that the flaw will not be visible. After cutting, the jeweler will plier it back. To completely put the two cut portions of the ring, the jeweler will solder them. To cover the flaws, it will be polished.

If you want to add size to the ring, it simply means that you are going to fuse additional metal to it as well. The metal that will be added should match with the ring’s current metal type. If the metal is 14K gold, the add on will also be a 14K gold–nothing more nothing less.

To add the portion of metal into the ring, a cut will be made at its bottom. A plier will be used to insert the metal. Once the metal has been appropriately tucked, it will will be soldered. To polish the add on, it will be re-rounded, sanded, filled and so on. Once the process has been done, the ring will look like as if nothing happened to it.

Availing sizing from one of the wedding jewelry stores in Houston, TX, will cost you depending on different factors that will be mentioned below. The first factor is the metal type of the ring. If you will be resizing a platinum ring, it will cost you a lot as well because this metal is the most expensive in the market.

The size of the ring will also affect the cost. If you will add more metal into the ring, it means that you need to purchase more. The ring’s thickness is also an additional factor. Most of all, the sizing cost will be depending on the difficulty level. A ring is difficult to size up or down if it has a very delicate main stone.

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