A List of Affordable Wedding Venue Decorations in Houston TX

Cheap/Modern Decors Fused in Venues

Modern wedding venue decorations in Houston TX cover a huge part of the budget. The flowers would cost 10% of the overall wedding budget that could buy a wedding dress or expensive shoes. These wedding decorations sadly, are not used after the wedding and they are disposed. They may play a big role in putting life in the wedding venue aside from the wedding DJ but for couples who are having a low budget wedding, it is quite difficult to spend much on flowers, fabric and lights.

wedding venue

At the present time, modern wedding venue decorations in Houston TX use different styles making space for affordable wedding decorations to have its place. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor wedding venue, this list will help you make and use a lot of ideas as you save money.


Candles are the most inexpensive decorations that will make your setting more romantic. There are different candle shapes that could be easily used as pathways for the guests and as centerpiece. It is one great alternative for expensive lights and colored bulbs. The candles will illuminate the surroundings and start a great mood for the wedding celebration. Some candles are placed on clear glass or paper lanterns.

Twigs, Shrubs and Weeds

For outdoor weddings, do not worry yourself putting too much expensive flowers. The rustic theme is very popular nowadays and these shrubs, twigs and weed are the best to use in order to have unique place for wedding in Houston. You can find these decorations on your own backyard or on the venue itself, all you have to do is to spray some color or leave it as beautiful as it is and make it a centerpiece.


Balloons could be an alternative for expensive flowers and backdrop. Metallic colored balloons are used with fabric and other types of cloth not only to prevent it from popping but also to add to the beauty of the surroundings.

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Advantage of Amazing 3D Cakes for Wedding in Houston TX

Benefits of Wedding 3D Cakes You’ll Love

When it comes to fun and crazy cakes, there are so many out there. If you want these kinds of sweets and desserts in your wedding then you must probably talking about 3D cakes. Wedding amazing 3D cake in Houston TX will make your bridal celebration one of a kind. Cakes are considered as the centerpiece of the reception so it should be as catchy as possible.

So what are the advantages of 3D cakes? Desserts that are meticulously baked and hand crafted will result to a very creative cake. Wedding guests nowadays go to the reception area with anticipation how will the cake look like. To keep their hopes high, you can serve them a 3D cake.

Aside from looking good, 3D cakes should also be made out of something which could be considered as tasty. It should also taste great. The external design of the cake should be as delicious as the inner layers. To achieve the tasty flavor of the 3D cake, the makers make sure that they are baked from the freshest ingredients in town. You cannot just risk the quality of the cake when you are trying to achieve a design. The design and the taste should be balanced because after all the main purpose of the cake is to be served as a dessert.

3D cakes are not only for weddings. It can also be served in your engagement party, corporate events, birthday celebration, baby shower, special occasion and others. 3D cakes are not your usual dessert due to its real-life-like design.

The providers of wedding amazing 3D cake in Houston TX is also up to the challenge if you want another type of design which is outside of their pre-made choices. Get a 3D cake for your wedding and it will surely be one of a kind dessert. To make your wedding more memorable hire a wedding DJ.

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Preparing for Wedding in the Woods Wedding Venues in Austin, TX

Planning an Outdoor Wedding Celebration

Every bride has their own dream wedding. Some want to have the ceremony in a huge chapel while some want to incorporate their wedding with nature. One of the uncommon and probably the most magical wedding ceremony is being held in the woods while hiring a DJ for a romantic music. This is ideal for those couples who want to have a fairy-like wedding celebration.

Planning and organizing a wedding that will take place in the woods wedding venues in Austin, TX will surely make your wedding day unique and very memorable. Exchanging vow underneath a tree is very romantic. Remember the movie Twilight Saga were Edward and Bella had their wedding ceremony in the woods? Such set up is amazing and very lovely.

Ceremony that follows reception in the woods will give your guests the chance to enjoy the natural beauty of the nature. You don’t need to spend a lot of dollars for the decoration because nature is beautiful in itself. The natural backdrop which is the woods is romantic and magical. The only downside in the woods wedding venues in Austin, TX is that you need to exert extra effort for setting up of chairs and tables for the guests.

When choosing a wedding hall in the woods, make sure to choose a location that has huge space for the tables and chairs, unless if you are planning to have intimate wedding but still space is a must especially if the ceremony and reception venue is in the same location. You can create a small and simple stage for exchanging of vows. You don’t need to have huge arches and canopy for this, as what this article suggested the natural beauty of the woods is a perfect decoration for the venue.

When you decided to pick the woods as your wedding venue, make sure to incorporate everything for the wedding including the invitation, favors, decoration and a lot more. Avoid using plastics and make your wedding as green as possible. Recycled papers are perfect for wedding invitation. Choose those papers with fibers and pulps to make it more environmental.

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Steps on How to Look For Eccentric Wedding Venues in Atlanta GA

Looking for Eccentric Wedding Venues in Atlanta GA?

Eccentric wedding venues in Atlanta GA are not that easy to find. There may be a lot of proposed wedding venues for unique couples but these are not enough especially in the playful imagination of a weird pair. These eccentric wedding venue lovers in Atlanta GA surely have weird personalities as well as weird friends that are definitely waiting for surprises on the couple’s great day so they would really need to find a very peculiar place to be wedded.

wedding venue

In order to find the best eccentric wedding venue fit for your wedding in Atlanta GA, you must remember these tips:

Brainstorm the Theme

Without a theme, looking for a venue would be a great deal of wasting time. It is like fishing on the ocean without water. Remember to establish a theme first to know whether it should be indoors, outdoors or underground. With the theme at hand, at least you will have knowledge on what type of area you are looking for.

Search for the Unknown

If you are having a Gothic wedding, a dark fairytale wedding or a anime fantasy wedding, you should look for venues where people never heard of. These eccentric themes should be matched with never before seen wedding venues. With the help of a search team, you could conduct a venue hunt slash vacation time while looking for the best spot.

Always have a Twist

Since you are in an eccentric wedding venue, always do things with a twist. Have wedding rituals with a twist that will entertain your guests and make them feel as peculiar as you are. To make your wedding complete, you can hire DJ and band in your wedding venue.


If eccentric venues are really hard to find, never hesitate to modify the setting. If you are going to have it at a normal hotel, add more interior changes to surprise everyone as they open the magical outdoor wedding venues in Atlanta.


Look for creative venues which showcase magnificent works of art. Museums, parks, art galleries and theater houses are the best eccentric venues to choose from.

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Stay on a Budget by Getting Humble Wedding Venues in Los Angeles CA

Humble Bridal Receptions

For some couples who do not have any experience on how to arrange a budget wedding, they find it a bit difficult to start. But this kind of experience is just natural; almost every couple had undergone this kind of challenge before the final ceremony was done. One of the challenges is how to find a budget venue. If this is one of your worries, there are existing humble wedding venues in Los Angeles CA that could accommodate your needs.

Why it is important to get a humble wedding location? Well, the first reason is the budget. Not all couples may have $50, 000 to $100, 000 as a budget to begin with. Other couples may only have a budget lower than $30, 000 which is an average wedding budget spending. If you go below $30, 000, the tendency is you will be having difficulty to divide the cash into different types of service. To ease you in this burden, why not trim down your budget for the ballrooms in Los Angeles itself.

Reception for weddings these days are mostly expensive. If you will just allot your cash to the reception then you will have not enough for the remaining services like wedding cake, catering, bridal decorations and flowers, DJ, limo service and others. Expenses are always endless especially if you have not planned your wedding accordingly.

Staying on a budget especially for your wedding location is a matter of self discipline and well calculated planning. Before you get the service, make sure that you always check other options. There might be some other providers that can offer a lower rate. After rounding up your choices pick the top three and comprehensively think of the best service. Always think critically since this is not a big joke. It is your wedding so make sure you will not compromise the quality with the price.

Humble wedding venues in Los Angeles CA will assist you hold your wedding without painfully breaking the bank. It does not matter if your reception is humble or not for as long as you get all the services that are right for your wedding. Always remember that it is the memory that counts not how expensive your wedding was.

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How to Decorate the Dance Floor of Wedding Venues in Kansas City KS

Stunning Wedding Venues in Kansas City

Your wedding venue dance floor is where the magic happens. Once the ceremony is over and you have done all the traditional aspects of your wedding, it is the time to let your hair down and enjoy yourself. The real fun starts at the reception area since it is the place where you will appear in front of your guests, family and friends for the first dance as well as the father and daughter dance. Many wedding venues can ultimately provide you with first class accommodation. Click here to see some lists.

Wedding Venue

Some couples want to make their dance floor stand out as much as every other aspect of their wedding. Usually, these receptions start off with the meal and food with a live band or DJ playing music well into the night.

Here are some tips you can do to get the most out of your especial decoration wedding venues Kansas City KS:

Finding Enough Space – Many receptions have a space dedicated for using as a dance floor. However, if you are having your venue in a banquet hall or large room that is not normally used for this kind of event, then you need to make your own space. You have to create a large area. You never know how many people are going to be on the dance floor so you don’t want it to be crowded and cramped.

Floor Decorations – Adding a design that keeps in with the theme gives fun to your wedding. Also, the type of music that is being played can really create a good ambiance and make the dance floor even better for your guests. You can also ask them if they offer wedding DJ for the reception.

Wedding theme – Creating a beach type dance floor with sand and sea backdrop that goes with the theme can really make the venue a special event. Most couples follow the traditional wedding.

However, more and more people have their own theme wedding. This can apply to pretty much any wedding theme. Make your dance floor unique or bring attention to your guests by having the best decorations for your especial decoration wedding venues Kansas City KS.

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